Kamala Khan, the first Pakistani Muslim superhero to debut in the MCU

Disney+ is all set to put its entire focus on a Muslim character in its series by Marvel studios. Marvel Studios has taken a ground-breaking step by introducing a Muslim character in its upcoming series Ms. Marvel along with She-Hulk and Moon Knight.

At the D23 Expo, House of Mouse announced that they are working on a new series of Ms. Marvel. President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige said that shows based on Moon Knight and She-Hulk would be featured on Disney+ which will eventually lead these characters to be a part of MCU movies in the future.

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Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan has already made history in the comics by being the first Marvel Muslim character in 2014. The interpretation of Hollywood has never been good about Muslims. They have always villainized Muslim characters and this stereotype is being practiced in the industry for many years. Disney+’s Ms. Marvel series have broken these stereotypes.

Kamala Khan is inspired by Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and has become a superhero on her own. Her superpowers include extra healing and shape-shifting. This character is created by Stephen Wacker, Sana Amanat, and writer G. Willow. She is also the first Muslim character to headline her own comic book. The first appearance of the character was made in Captain Marvel (Issue 14) in August 2013. Her debut in the star solo series was made in February 2014 with Ms. Marvel. 

Marvel Comics featuring Kamala Khan is a great opportunity for Muslims to make their stand in the industry. The character is exactly like what American teenagers are like. G. Willow simply reflected the life of a typical Muslim American who happens to get superpowers through this character.

The debut of Disney+’s Ms. Marvel will be a game-changer for many Muslims residing in America as they will get to see the daily struggles and joys of living there. 

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