Brand Kit

Our Logo

The logo is an integral part of our business and should be thoughtfully and consistently. Taking a screenshot of the logo distorts it, therefore, prohibited for online as well as print purposes. However, if the downloaded logo, used on a website, is viewed on phones with poor resolutions, a concession can be made.

Note: If you need a specific dimension or color logo/media kit of MoviesEngage, please don’t hesitate to send us a mail. We will provide the material as soon as possible.

Color Palette

The logo can be used with different background colors as you like. Refrain from using too bright colors for the logo as well as the background. Make sure you use the same color with a different shade for the logo and its background just as in the original logo.

Dark Blue
R: 1
G: 38
B: 97

R: 255
G: 18
B: 7

R: 148
G: 124
B: 95

Sky Blue
R: 36
G: 128
B: 228


The logo is incomplete without the company’s name. The name must be in the same font and size, all capital letters with the word ‘Movies Engage’ in same color shade. The name must be legible.