Latest releases for the month of September

Fall 2019 has brought some exciting and enthralling trailer and movie releases that would serve as an ideal purpose of entertainment for the people. If you are looking for latest trailer and movie releases, you are at the right place. Scroll down to go through the list of all latest releases for the month of September.

American Horror Story 9

The trailer of the season 9 of the ‘American Horror Story’ has officially been released and the viewers are looking forward to it. The first episode of the season has already been out and the people are loving it. The first episode of the season aired on 18th September,2019.


Based on the prize-winning article “An Unbelievable Story of Rape”, the new upcoming series on Netflix will be telling you a story of an 18-year old girl who reported a rape before retracting the claim under pressure. It is a true-crime series. The first episode of the season has already been aired on 13th September 2019, and you should definitely watch the show as it is worth the time.

The Spy

The Spy is the latest September release on Netflix that tells a story about a prominent spy Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the government in 1960s. The clerk-turned spy goes on a years long mission and the season is a thriller inspired by true events. The show is directed by an Israeli director, Gideon Raff and Max Perry. Tune into Netflix to watch these amazing episodes.

Elite Season 2

Elite season 2 has been released and it is a Spanish teen drama that actually started in Netflix last summer. The last season ended with Nano being arrested in Marina’s murder case and now the season 2 will give the viewers to explore more about the characters and find out what’s new.

Titans Season 2

Titans is a series created by Akiva Goldsman for DC Universe. The series are based on the DC comics team, Teen Titans and depicts a story of young heroes who join hands in their fight against  evil. The action cum adventure series can be watched on Netflix. Look at the trailer below to find out more about the series.

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