Exciting Movie Trailers Released Last Week

Last week, several thrilling movie trailers were released on different platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, and many more so we decided to list them down in one place for your convenience. So here you go with the list!

Day Break

Netflix has released the very first teaser of its upcoming original series, Daybreak. The play revolves around a group of students and depicts the situation before and after a bomb blast turns the world into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The bomb blast occurs on the night of Homecoming, and the new trailer release shows how everyone adapts and copes up with the post-apocalyptic. The hero of the series and the role of protagonist is played by Colin Ford. The trailer does not show much about the whole series as it is just merely a teaser.

Watch out the trailer below to find out more about the series.

Daybreak | Official Teaser | Netflix

The world is over. So grab your swords and flamethrowers and let’s get this show on the road. Watch the official trailer of "DayBreak"IG: (instagram.com/MoviesEngage)

Posted by MoviesEngage on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Living with yourself

The trailer of Netflix’s upcoming limited series “Living with yourself” has been released. The series stars Paul Rudd as a depressed man who goes to a special spa to make himself better but surprisingly finds himself naked in a grave. The series is directed by Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris. To find out if the plot is enough to sustain 8 episodes of the show, you surely have to watch the whole series.

Watch out the trailer below to find out more exciting clues about the show

Living With Yourself | Official Trailer | Netflix

"There's two me's, but there's one life."Watch the official trailer of "Living with Yourself"IG: (instagram.com/MoviesEngage)

Posted by MoviesEngage on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

In the Shadow of the Moon

Netflix has already released another trailer of its upcoming enthralling drama, “In the Shadow of the Moon.” The new drama series are directed by Jim Mickle and stars Michael C. Hall who was also in Dexter. It is a serial-killer tale where Jim Mickle sets out to catch a repetitive killer who leaves behind dead bodies with mysterious bite marks on their necks. The trailer released promises an amazing treat of supernatural elements which will definitely keep the viewers interested.

Watch out the trailer below for more information!

In the Shadow of the Moon | Official Trailer | Netflix

Watch the trailer of "In the Shadow of the Moon"IG: (instagram.com/MoviesEngage)

Posted by MoviesEngage on Tuesday, September 17, 2019


HBO has released the trailer of Watchmen which has created a feeling of nostalgia among a lot of viewers about Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbon’s graphic novel ‘Watchmen’. The new upcoming series of Watchmen on HBO promises to keep the nostalgia while giving the series a new breaking ground. There are several characters from the graphic novel who are ready to take the TV stage.

Watch out the trailer below!


The trailer for Midway has been released, and the movie is releasing on 8th November 2019. The movie is a mixture of actors playing both real-world and fictional characters. The movie stars Dennis Quaid as Vice Admiral William, Woody Harrelson, and Luke Evans. The movie brings WWII to explosive life and is a historical drama pool.

Watch out the trailer below for more information!

Midway (2019 Movie) New Trailer

“Pearl Harbor is the greatest intelligence failure in American history, this can never happen again.” Watch the new trailer of MIDWAYIG: (instagram.com/MoviesEngage)

Posted by MoviesEngage on Friday, September 13, 2019

Modern Love

The star-studded trailer of Modern Love has been released and is all set to premiere on October 18th. This show will feature stars like Catherine Keener, Dev Patel, Anne Hathaway and Gary Carr. An appearance by Andrew Scott and Andy Garcia has also been made. The show is all about unusual and unlikely love connections. The show will have 8 episodes that are inspired by the real-life essays.

Watch out the trailer below for more information!

Like a boss

“Like a boss” is a female-dominated comedy show that is soon to become a hit. The show stars Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne, two best friends are running a cosmetic business together. The trailer was released by Paramount Pictures. Tiffany is playing Mia and Rose is playing Mel and both of these best friends has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

This is going to be an interesting series so don’t forget to miss out on this. Watch the trailer below!


Earlier this month Apple announced to launch its own streaming service and one of the very first series that is all set to roll out is ‘See’ which is a new fantasy drama. This drama series is directed by Steven Knight and Francis Lawrence. The series will star Jason Momoa who is blind due to strange illness due to the post-apocalyptic. The role played by Momoa is that of Baba Voss whose wife gives birth to twins who can see well. However, their Kingdom’s queen orders them to be killed due to some reasons.

Watch out the enthralling trailer of the movie below!


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