Joker becomes the biggest October opening movie

Possible Joker Movie Spoilers ahead

As compared to Logan, Justice League, and Venom, Joker has earned the highest October opening earlier this weekend. Regardless of the fact that people questioned the violence portrayed in the movie, a massive amount audience had turned to the cinemas to watch the movie. This made the movie to become the highest-record breaker movie of any October.

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In the history of cinema, ‘Joker’ has become the first October film to make the record-breaking sales of $93.5 million in ticket sales from approximately 4300 screens in North America. Before the Joker movie, Sony’s Venom was the highest-grossing movie of October, with a gross $80 million on the day of opening. 

Internationally, the movie ‘Joker’ earned approximately $140.5, which resulted in a total of $234 million at the box office. Jeff Goldstein, the President of Domestic Distribution at Warner Bros. said:

This was a much larger result at the box office than we had ever anticipated globally. Putting records aside, we are just thrilled that audiences are embracing the movie as strong as they are.

Joker movie won the Golden Lion, a prestigious award at the Venice Film Festival last month, where it was both criticized and praised. Before the release of the film, people had different views about the movie’s gross earnings on the opening weekend. Some expected the movie to earn $50 million, whereas the others expected it to earn more than $100 million. With a lot of anticipations about the movie’s opening, the film has surpassed the industry expectations, and the gross total may increase further if the people continue to show their interest and excitement for the movie.

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If we look back at the R-rated comic book films, Joke falls between “Deadpool” and its sequel (both of them earned $125 million) and Logan, which earned $88.4 million. Joker has performed very well at the box office, keeping in mind the fact that the movie was always marketed as a dark and R-rated film.

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