Harry Potter fans can now avail a new 12-month subscription service

The Wizarding World has finally introduced a new 12-month subscription service for all the fans who have been missing Harry Potter terribly. While the book series ended with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coming out in 2007, and the movie franchise’s end was marked by Part 2 of Deathly Hallows in 2011, it’s phenomenal how fans are still in love with everything that is linked to Harry Potter. Keeping this in mind, the new annual subscription service, called the Wizarding World Gold, will be starting this fall season, filled with exciting surprises for all HP lovers. The service is up for pre-order, and currently it is only available for fans in the US and UK, though more countries will soon be added to the lost.

Here is a list of everything that this subscription will offer:

  • A magical welcome gift for all the subscribers, which will consist of a post-card sized sketch of Hogwarts, an exclusive collectible pin and a journal called Keys and Curios. This will be a personalized journal bearing your name, Hogwarts House and much more. There will be exciting surprises inside for you, including enchanted keys that when scanned on your Wizarding World App will enable you to unlock hidden secrets. You will have something new every month to keep you engrossed into the world of wizards, consisting of interactive daily activities. This journal will be nothing like Tom Riddle’s diary, but has in fact been carefully crafted by the graphic design team of Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts films for the distinct wizarding family.
  • Wizarding World Originals will feature an all new video series, which will unveil the mysteries and hidden stories from the Magical World of Wizards.
  • All 7 e-Books of the Harry Potter Series to bring back memories from your past and let you revive those magical moments once again. The e-books will be available on the Wizarding World App.
  • Collectible pin badges will be a part of the welcome gift bundle and you can collect even more during your 12-month subscription.
  • Special events will give you access to exciting events throughout the year, including an invitation to the Wizarding World Gold Christmas Party in the Great Hall at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.
  • Amazing Discounts – Subscribers will be able to enjoy exclusive discounts on purchase of magical items from the Wizarding World.com shop, Warner Bros. Tour stores in London and Hollywood, Platform 9¾ store in London’s King’s Cross Station, and discounts on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Exclusive Vacation Package at Universal Orlando Resort.Early-bird subscription will bring plenty of perks, consisting of early access to all the exciting services on a priority basis, enthralling tours of all the Wizarding World landmarks and much more for the HP fans.The subscription service is available in US for $74.99 and in the UK for £59.99.
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Ayesha Muhammad
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